Free Edge time tracking extension

Track time from the Edge browser. Clockify's Edge extension allows you to track how much time you spend working on projects with just one click.

Get Clockify Time Tracker on Edge

Free time tracking Edge extension screenshot

Tracking time with Clockify's Edge extension

Step 1

Create Clockify account

Sign up here for free

Step 2

Install time tracking extension for Edge

Get Clockify Time Tracker from the Edge Store

Step 3

Log in

Open the extension, click "Log In" button, and finish the log in process via the web page.

Step 4

Start the timer

Type what you're working on and start the timer (or press Ctrl+Shift+U).

Edge time tracking extension - start timer
Step 5

Enter details

You can add a project, task, tag, and billability status to your time entry.

Edge time tracking extension - enter details
Step 6

Continue tracking

Continue timer for an activity by clicking on the entry in the list.

Edge time tracking extension - continue tracking
Step 7

Start timer from selected text

Select any text, right-click on it, and start the timer with the selected text as description.

Edge time tracking extension - start timer from selected text
Step 8

Track time within other web apps

Clockify timer button will appear in your favorite productivity web apps (like Trello, JIRA, Gmail, Google Calendar, Github), making time tracking extremely easy.

Time tracking integration for nonprofits and NGOs in Asana Time tracking integration for nonprofits and NGOs in Trello Time tracking integration for nonprofits and NGOs in Todoist
Step 9

Enable reminders and idle detection

In order to keep your time logs super accurate, go to extension's Settings and turn on additional time tracking features:

  • Reminders: receive a notification when you forget to start the timer
  • Idle detection: discard inactive time that you've spent away from the computer
  • Pomodoro timer: Work in regular work/break intervals using the Pomodoro technique
Edge time tracking extension - idle detection, reminders, and automatic clock-out
Step 10

Run reports and manage projects

In the web version, you can edit past entries, analyze time, manage projects, invite people, review timesheets, and export reports.

Web version of Clockify app

Add your own integration

Contribute code to our open-source extension and add your own tool.

Edge time tracker features

Timer shortcut

Start/stop timer from anywhere with Ctrl+Shift+U.

Automatic sync

Start timer on web and stop it from your phone.

Pomodoro timer

Work in regular work/break intervals.


Start timer within Trello, Asana, JIRA, Todoist, etc.

Track from text

Start timer for selected text from right-click menu.

Default project

Start the timer with a project already selected.

Idle detection

Remove time you've been inactive or away from computer.

Add time manually

Switch to manual mode to log time you forgot to track.


Get notifications when you forget to start the timer.

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