Log your weekly activities in less than a minute.

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Clockify Timesheet feature
Timesheet feature - logged activities


Categorize and log time you spend on different projects and tasks.

 Timesheet feature - adding detailed to time entries

Add details

Add additional information, like notes, tags, and other custom information.

Timesheet feature - saving timesheet as a template


Quickly populate timesheet with your most common activities.

Timesheet feature - copying last week

Copy week

Copy activities and time from previous timesheet.

Team's timesheets

Team’s timesheet

See and fill your team members’ timesheet.

Timesheet feature - total tracked time

See totals

See how much time you’ve logged per day, week, and activity.

Timesheet feature - lock time

Lock timesheets

Prevent people from changing their timesheets by locking them daily or weekly.

Timesheet feature - time tracking target alerts

Tracking alerts

Get an email when someone logs too much or too little time.

Submit for approval

Submit timesheet for manager review and approval and prevent further changes.

Submitting timesheets for approval
Reminding people to submit their timesheets

Unsubmitted timesheets

See who logged time but forgot to submit it for approval.

Automatic reminders

  • Log time
    Remind people when they forget to log time.
  • Submit time
    Remind people when they forget to submit timesheet for approval.
  • Approve time
    Remind team managers to review their team’s pending timesheets.
Automatic timesheet reminders
Audit of changes to time entries
Offline timesheet

Time off

See time off directly in your timesheet.

Mobile app

Fill timesheets from anywhere while on the go.


Clock in and out from a shared device.


Print yours and your team's timesheets.


Get all your data in Excel, CSV, and PDF.

QuickBooks integration

Send time to QuickBooks for accounting.

User fields

Add and export additional information.

Audit log

See all the changes made to timesheets in one place.


Enter hourly rates and see labor costs.